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September 22, 2014

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Friday, April 11, 2014

8 Things To Know About Water Polo

Nails are checked before each game to prevent any unnecessary injuries. It is illegal to touch the floor of the pool. Players wear two speedos, a second in case the first one rips. The role of team captain is decided by the strongest player. It average player sweats up to a gallon of sweat over the course of a game. An average 7000 calories are consumed by polo players before any game. SM Polo has broken over 20 bones of its competitors over the years. Pulling down speedos slowers other players down.

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JV Water Polo look forward to have a great season

How does JV water polo goes at the beginning season?

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Water Polo Celebrates Spectacular Success

The SMHS boy’s varsity water polo team won its first game in two years recently against Woodside Priory. Dominating the opposing team with two dramatic overtime goals, the SMHS water polo team really showed how powerful it can be.
Coming into the game, the men knew they had a good chance, based on their extraordinary skill and indestructible bravery. By the first quarter however, they were losing to Woodside 0-3.

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Water Polo Wades In Looking for Victory

The boys of San Mateo High are hitting the water once again. A special group comprised of the school’s most alluring, confident, and brave young men, the boy’s varsity water polo team is sure that it will do well this season. “We are confident, but realistic,” said J.J Halet, junior captain.

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Girls’ Water Polo Can’t Play

Swimming, passing a ball, and being defended by other players is the game-play in one distressing game: water polo.  This heat wave might be the best time to play in the cool blue pool water, but unfortunately this year’s girls’ water polo team was not as good as some motivated individuals wanted to start off their school year. All fall sports teams are required to turn in a yellow athletic card, which registers you and your team to play by August 11. But the girl’s team, which consisted of only nine people, wasn’t able to turn in their athletic clearance…

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