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September 19, 2014

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American Society Neglects the Humanities -

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The Secret Life of an Indian Teen -

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Friday, April 11, 2014

American Society Neglects the Humanities

In Obama’s 2014 State of the Union Address, he preached for an investment in early education, insisting teachers need to be better supported and students must stop being measured on how well they can “fill in a bubble on a test”. As much as I agree that these are all prevalent issues that must be resolved, something still troubles me. Not just Obama, but rather the majority of the government and society continue to prioritize the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math) over the arts, politics, economics, linguistics, etc. We all understand and agree with the fact that the…

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The Secret Life of an Indian Teen

Indian teens found snogging in the hiding.

We all probably have one or two Indian friends in SMHS. But when you start talking about relationships, they seem to stay somewhat quiet. Have you ever wondered why? Have you heard a group of Indians talk about their parents without complaining at least once in the conversation? Do you catch them saying, “My parents won’t let me,” often? Have you ever wondered why? As an Indian, I find myself doing these things often enough to write about them. Indian parents usually find many norms in society outrageous. For most, dating isn’t allowed until college. But you can’t just date…

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The Dark Side of the Porn Industry


According to’s porn statistics, there have been 600,440,991, and counting, online searches for porn since 2014.  The porn industry makes between 10 and 14 billion dollars in annual sales. As quoted from the Huffington Post, “porn sites get more visitors than Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter combined.” But, would users still find porn desirable if they knew the disgusting, vile things that happen behind the camera? Porn is not as simple as two people having sex on camera for money. Female porn stars are usually manipulated, abused, and raped. Women become porn stars believing it will give them a ‘glamorous’ life….

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Computer Science: a Global Perspective


Though our school’s Computer Science program has made great strides in the past months with the new AP C.S. Program joining the raster of course offerings next year the question remains unanswered: how does our school stand on the global stage? The U.S. has been blessed with a “home team advantage” as the inventors of the internet, this advantage is one that has been squandered through ineptitude and slow-to-act policy makers. As we get back into the “game” of preparation for the cutting edge of tomorrow we are finding a great deal more competition as countries in Latin America, Asia,…

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Target Flops On Thigh Gap Photo


Pictures are deceptive, especially in this era dominated by Photoshop and Instagram filters. But alterations done in a sloppy manner can generate more attention than the original photo would have received. On Target’s website, they had a junior model sporting a bikini as an advertisement. I know, nothing wrong about that, except part of her CROTCH was erased (by erased, I mean there was a white rectangle covering up her crotch to match the white background). The white patch on her crotch gave the illusion of a thigh gap. And on top of that, her arm was badly altered to…

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School Cafeteria and Junk food


  School lunches, are they good or bad? San Mateo High School has a very popular cafeteria and food stands filled with many choices of food. With at least one third of the school buying lunches everyday it is considered high demand But are all these choices good? A lot of the food sold by the cafeteria is junk food. A look at one of the stands shows you that there are very limited choices for healthy food.  The few options include a salad on a few days, fruits, and a granola bar. On the other hand if you look…

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What happened to MH370?


The search for Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 is the longest civil aircraft disappearance in modern history.  The plane disappeared on March 8, at 1:20 AM, 40 minutes after the plane took off from Kuala Lumpur.  12 hours after the plane vanished, nearby countries began to send to search for wreckage or other traces of the plane around Vietnam. “According to most sources, the plane was most likely hijacked,” said Owen Zhai (11). A Vietnamese admiral soon reported that there was possibility that the plane may have crashed in Vietnamese waters, since traces of oil slicks and smoke was found.  However,…

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Racism Still Exists

Cultural diversity is highly celebrated at this school. When you walk down any hallway at San Mateo, the walls are covered in banners, some of them promoting the belief that we are a school that is tolerant of others. But does that mean that ignorance and racism is non-existent at a school like this? The answer is no. As of right now, there is not one high school where the people of all races can live in peace with each other. Of course, prejudice against other races varies from school to school. But no school is perfect. Some of the…

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Coke Commercial Brings Out the Ugly in America


Lets face it. Commercials are the worst. They are nuisances that interrupt our favorite shows, movies, and sporting events. However, occasionally, commercials can be quite entertaining. The Super Bowl, for example, has the best advertisements of the year. They are typically quite unoriginal, beer companies that pay ridiculous amounts of money for celebrity endorsements, or fast food restaurants with mediocre  product and equally  painful advertisements. This year , however,  one specific advertisement  stuck out to me .  The  Coca- commercial, showing multi-ethnic and multicultural Americans  singing  “America the Beautiful” in various languages. This came as a pleasant surprise to me….

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Rape Culture is Everywhere


  *Warning this article includes talk of rape and sexual violence and might be triggering to some people No one is in favor of rape, right? Wrong, many people qualify their opinion. “A person goes to a party and gets so drunk, they pass out. Then they are raped. Whose fault is it?” Some would reply the rapist, but others would reply the victim. Why is our society so confused about rape? Rape is forced sex without consent. It is one of the most horrendous crimes that could ever be committed. While the physical damage left to the victim might…

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