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December 21, 2014

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SMHS Reacts: Shia Labeouf Live -

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JV Rules in LITTLE Little Big Game -

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Police Arrest Suspect -

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Words Hurt, Pause Before You Post -

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

SMHS Reacts: Shia Labeouf Live

SMHS Students react to “Shia Labeouf Live”

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Who Should Choose What Women Wear?

Swimwear in the 1920's.

As a young girl growing up in today’s society, I am confused. Confused as to why the world is preaching “NO SEXISM”, and yet schools, establishments meant to clarify truth and what is right, continue to be part of the source of sexism today. In recent weeks, the Freshmen have been swimming two days a week. Prior to swimming, the Class of 2018 was given a very strict dress code to follow: girls were to wear a one or two piece bathing suit, with a shirt covering their upper halves, while boys were allowed to wear any swimsuit of their…

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Wild Animals Should Not Be Enslaved


Sunny San Diego, is one of the most popular Californian vacation spots and also home to the Sea World theme park. Although it’s mostly known for its thrilling rides and animal shows, it is also killer whale Shamu. Shamu is Sea World’s symbol of amusement and joy, but behind the scenes the whales are forced to perform and live in confined spaces. Ever since the beginning of Sea World, killer whales have been a part of their shows. During the 1970’s Sea World would capture whale pods and take the baby whales captive and bring the pods back with them….

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Oversexualization Hurts Both Genders

Women are constantly oversexualized in magazines, causing insecurities within women and girls who idolize these models. Plus, most photos are photoshopped and far from the average body type of a natural woman.

Would you consider the words “woman” and “sex” to be synonymous? Sadly, the media certainly does. It is a known fact that women are used to represent sex appeal in most situations in the media. When a woman holds traits which are found to be attractive to the public eye, it automatically makes her marketable to the audience. Why is this acceptable? Unfortunately, women have been sexualized in the media for generations and this has only become more frequent and common over time. It has been proven that over the last few decades women have been increasingly sexualized and even…

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Israel At fault in Gaza War

Gaza is hit by one of hundreds of bombings by the IDF

A cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, which had signed almost two years ago on Nov. 14, 2012, which was premised on lifting an Israeli blockade and allowing goods and people to crossing and out of Gaza as well as a end to attacks. The Israeli government never did hold up their end of cease-fire by lifting the blockade and allowing the people of Gaza to trade, prosper, or even escape the group that had “threatened, controlled” and “overrun” them, as student Gene Kapel described. Hamas, with a loose infrastructure and chain of command, in addition to many exterior terrorist groups…

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Eating Disorders Trouble Men too


Females are not the only ones fidgeting nervously on their couch with sweaty palms when they watch an actress appear on the TV screen in a crop top and mini-skirt, showing her slim and curvy body. Recently, research shows that men are more and more aware of the ideal body type for men as well. Watching the lean muscles of an actor revealing as he stretches his body, some men feel the same pang of insecurity, contemplating if it is time to cut back some weight. “The media has become more of an equal opportunity discriminator,” Dr. Raymond Lemberg, an…

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Ferguson Takes it Back to the 1960’s

Riot police clear demonstrators from a street in Ferguson

Michael Brown, an unarmed, 18 year old African American teenager, was shot and killed by white police officer, Darren Wilson, last August in Ferguson, Missouri. Even after Michael was cowered on the ground, Wilson continued to shoot him about three more times. Had this been a white man that was shot, all hell would have broke loose. There is absolutely no justification for shooting Michael Brown, let alone six times. What is even more alarming than his shooting is how the Ferguson police and media are handling it. After being shot, Michael Brown’s body was left in the street for…

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Petition Against SMHS Dress Code: What’s your take?

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 10.23.31 AM

This heated debate started when a senior girl was sent home for dressing inappropriately. Ginny Yao, a junior, later began a petition on Facebook to change dress code. She is not the only one angry at the current dress code. Many believe that by sending girls home to prevent them from distracting boys, the school has put boys’ educations above girls’ educations. “People’s bodies are not a distraction,” Ginny wrote on the Facebook group, “Do not sexualize my body or shame me for wearing what I wear. I am not disrespecting my body or shame me for wearing what I…

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All About That Bass, but Trainor’s in Treble

Meghan Trainor in her music video

Surely you’ve heard the popular and upbeat song, “All About That Bass” playing on the radio, and many of you have casually sung along to its catchy chorus. It’s true, this song is an awesome tune to jam out to, but what much of its audience doesn’t know is that Meghan Trainor’s hit may not exactly be what it seems. “All About That Bass” comes off to be a fun, body-positive song all around. But, when we take a closer look, the context of “All About That Bass” is promoting only one body type, and shaming another. When asked what…

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Robin Williams Leaves a Legacy


Robin Williams, our beloved comedian, unfortunately passed away by committing suicide in August. Even though there were many articles paying tribute to the famous actor’s successful career and mourning over his tragic death, there were still some that harshly judged his choice of suicide as “selfish”. “I simply cannot understand how any parent could kill themselves. How in the hell could you possibly do that to your children? […] So, you don’t kill yourself,” rock singer Henry Rollins told LA Weekly for an editorial called ‘Fuck Suicide’. Many others judged Robin Williams’s choice with the same opinion as Rollins. It…

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