February 27, 2015

SMHS Dancers Dance to Uptown Funk -

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Black is the New Orange -

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The Problem of Separating the Art from the Artist -

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Obama Proposes Free Jr College -

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Hurt Feelings Price of Free Speech -

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SMHS Dancers Storm New York -

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Be Part of the Solution -

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Teacher Profile: Ms. Gomez -

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Teacher Profile: Ms. Fredricksen -

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Walking Dead Convention -

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Track Conditioning -

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Mental Illnesses are not “Cute” -

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Dog Lockdown -

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Let’s Indiegogo to New York -

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Read the Hi -

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Aziz Ansari Stands in Front of an Iceberg -

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Seniors Join Toga-ether -

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Diversity in Music Streaming -

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Prison vs. School -

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2014: ICYMI (In Case You Missed it) -

Friday, February 6, 2015

  • SMHS teachers rock out in the quad at lunch on Health Week's second day.
    Black is the New Orange

      SMHS teachers Mr. Norman, Mr. Wilke, Mr. Brasel, Mr. Freiberg, and Mr. Cooley rock out in the quad at lunch on Health Week’s second day.

  • NYCDanceTrip
    SMHS Dancers Storm New York

    More than 100 dancers and chaperones represented SMHS in the Big Apple last weekend on our Dance Department’s biannual NYC field trip filled with Broadway shows, sightseeing, and classes with professional dancers. Pictured in front of a frozen fountain at Bryant Park are (l to r) Dominique DeFelice, Sandra Allyon, Nicolas Wratten, Isabelle Chen, Libby Haze, and Cal Dooley.

  • ReadHi021815
    Read the Hi

    Check the newsstands at school or choose “Read the Print Edition” above to read the latest issue of the San Mateo Hi and learn about the Indiegogo campaign our Dance Department used to help fund their biannual field trip to NYC; how audience’s liked our Drama Department’s play about pee, Urinetown; what was behind the recent school lockdown; and why State Senator Jerry Hill wants a Grand Jury to investigate our school board. And that’s just on the front page! Our next issue will be delayed until March 5 in order to provide an Election Guide for voting on March 11.

  • photo (1) copy
    Aziz Ansari Stands in Front of an Iceberg

    Holy moly, renowned actor Aziz Ansari performed a stand-up comedy show at the San Jose SAP Center on Feb. 8. And I had the grand pleasure of watching his performance with Kristie Wong, another SMHS student. Aziz Ansari, perhaps best known for his character on Parks & Recreation as Tom Haverford, had everyone in the packed theater laughing on the edge of their seats. The show started off with an opening act by Ron Funches, a comedian with a friendly demeanor. After a couple laughs, out came Aziz Ansari. Though photos and videos were not allowed during his main performance, Ansari let the…



Let’s Indiegogo to New York

Feb 10, 2015

This year, the dance department will be taking a long awaited trip to the Big Apple, New York City. This trip is incredibly coveted by a majority of the dancers participating in the program, and although many want to attend the 5-day trip in February, some don’t have the funds necessary. Due to the many activities the attendees participate in (including viewing multiple Broadway shows, touring the city, and taking professional dance classes), the cost can amount to about $1,000 total, which is too expensive for many students. Robyn Tribuzi, the dance teacher, wants her students to have the opportunity…


You Are My Butter Half

Feb 6, 2015

              The time of roses and chocolates have crept up on us again, and some of you may have forgotten what a fun holiday this day actually is every since that last Valentine’s Day party in 5th grade. Well, no one ever said that you had to stop making treats for your friends. I personally am a very lazy person, so I would usually just throw some pieces of chocolate together into small bundles and pass them out. But this year I decided to try out making some hand-made goods. The baked treats I…


Hill Bashes Board

Feb 2, 2015

(Photo Credit: the Redwood City Website) Strained relations between the San Mateo Union High School District Board of Trustees and the community have prompted State Senator Jerry Hill to call for a civil grand jury investigation of the board’s actions. “The lack of transparency and the disdainful attitude of some board members have eroded the public trust in this district.” “The lack of transparency and the disdainful attitude of some board members have eroded the public trust in this district,” Hill said at a board meeting on Jan. 15. The board has been grappling with two issues: the location of…


first official day of practice/conditioning

Track Conditioning

As spring approaches one of San Mateo’s most popular sports approaches. The first official week of track practice has ended and there have been about 30-40 people in total attendance. People are divided based on which events they participate in. The six categories of track and field athletes are long distance runners, sprinters, pole vaulters, throwers, jumpers and hurdlers. Long distance athletes typically run two laps to eight laps around the track. Sprinters run ¼ of a lap to one full lap in meets. Pole vaulters have three attempts at beating each height at meets. Throwers throw shot put, and…


JV Rules in LITTLE Little Big Game

San Mateo’s Junior Varsity football team beat Burlingame 14-7 at the annual LITTLE Little Big Game, a precursor to the Little Big Game held every year since 1927. Varsity didn’t fare as well at the LBG, where they lost 21-30 at an exciting and well-attended game Nov. 16. But JV’s win brings hope that we’ll be taking home the Paw again sometime in the next few years. Pictured here is defensive tackle Nilsson Vasquez, son of SMHS teacher Heather Vasquez, surrounded by his family, including his brother, sister, and grandparents and cousins who came up from Gilroy to watch the…


Q&A With Coach Scheller

Q: How are you preparing for the Little Big Game? A: Right now, we’re in season, so every week is another week to prepare for Burlingame, but we have other opponents first. We prepare for them, and hopefully, that will make us better each week leading up to Burlingame. Q: Do you think you’re ready for the game? A: Yeah, I think we’re ready each week for the game. I think as we get closer to the Little Big Game, it starts getting a little bit more intense because of all the rivalry. Q: What do you think of Burlingame?…


Volleyball Jumps Into Action at the Net

  This year the volleyball teams are better than ever. Lets travel back to when the volleyball tryouts were and hear how they went. When asked how the tryouts were and their predictions for the season, Lexus Kato and Alexa Carreon, freshmen, on the JV team said, “The tryouts were very good. They pushed us to do our best and I think we will be very successful this season.” Isabella Mauricio, senior, who is on the Varsity team, was asked the same questions and she said, “ The tryouts were very good and I think we will have really good…