April 27, 2015

BHS track meet -

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Boys’ Golf Team Is On Par -

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Bell Bottoms or Skinny Jeans? -

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Fiber Competition Rises -

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SMHS Dancers Dance to Uptown Funk -

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Tragic Thrills Concert -

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Experience College Before College With Campus Sherpa -

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BFD is Back and Better than Ever -

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Iranian-US Negotiations -

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AP Exams: Isn’t it too expensive? -

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Takes Two Spirit Weeks to Tango -

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Day 258 -

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The Pressure to Take APs is Real -

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Career Electives Bearcats Can Choose From -

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Please Respect the GSA Posters -

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Career Conversations: Vander Shanholt -

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SMHS Math Team Goes Mad for MateoMatics 2015 -

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GDC 2015: The Rise of Virtual Reality -

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Attention Seeking Terrorists Threaten Malls -

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Colleges for you -

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  • Middle school participants in the Quad during the Opening Ceremony
    SMHS Math Team Goes Mad for MateoMatics 2015

    On Friday, Mar. 20, San Mateo High School hosted its first ever middle school math competition, dubbed “MateoMatics.” The competition was a success with nearly 80 middle school participants from five local middle schools: Abbott, Bayside STEM, Borel, Bowditch and Crocker. “I’m still a little amazed, myself. It isn’t every day that you see a hundred middle and high school students gathered to celebrate mathematics as an art, as a vehicle for creative problem solving and as a fascinating subject in its own right,” said Eric Wang, a junior on the San Mateo High School Math Team. The competition started…

  • Kannabran_red head
    Bearcat Artists Take Home the Gold

    San Mateo High School artists took home the gold in photography, 2-D, 3-D, and Literary Arts in competition against Aragon and Hillsdale students in the annual City Arts contest, it was recently announced. The winners will collect their honors at an awards ceremony April 12. Priyanka Kannabran took first place in photography competing with students from three San Mateo high schools in the City Arts contest. Priyanka won a $200 cash prize for this shot called “Alone in Harmony.” Honorable mentions went to to Emma Cousineau for “Snow Bliss” and Candy Tovar for “Wind in Hair,” below. The photographers along with their…

  • smith10big
    “Handsome Pair” Honored

    Congratulations to Julia Smith who won an honorable mention in the 2015 Coastal Art & Poetry Contest for kindergarten through 12th grade students. The contest is sponsored by the California Coastal Commission Public Education Program and received over 2,500 entries this year.  Her selected entry, “A Handsome Pair” will travel the state for exhibition from June 2015 to January 2016.



Experience College Before College With Campus Sherpa

Apr 14, 2015

College tour season is approaching for seniors wanting to whittle down their decisions and juniors who want to get an idea of what type of school is the best fit for them. Large formal tours do show your interest in the schools officially and often give helpful information regarding financial aid, but they lack the interpersonal connections needed to get a complete picture of the college. Campus Sherpa, a start-up created by recent Sacred Heart Prep graduate Alex Mitchell and his co-founder at Georgetown David Patou, bridges that gap and gives students a way to really know what life is…


Day 258

Apr 14, 2015
GSA Transgender Poster

Please Respect the GSA Posters

Apr 14, 2015

A poster informing people about what transgender means was removed from the main hall at San Mateo high recently, causing distress in the GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) club. “Please respect our posters,” GSA member Janani Krishna-Jha said over announcements on March 16. Was this a malicious act aimed at GSA? Or was it a harmless accident? Although the removal is suspicious, there’s not enough evidence to answer that question. “I would like to assume that it was a lack of communication,” said Mr. Boise, Assistant Principal. “We don’t have any evidence that it was intentional. Leadership could have possibly taken it…


4x1 relay teams opened the meet on April 9, 2015 at rival school

BHS track meet

The San Mateo track and field team was seen at the rival school, Burlingame, on April 9 for a dual meet after school. All kinds of athletes, from runners to jumpers to pole vaulters and throwers, performed their best against each other and did not fail to amaze and break personal records. Final scores are posted based on overall performance from each division, Varsity Girls, Varsity Boys, F/S Girls and F/S Boys. Each individual team and athlete accumulates points for each event they compete depending on what place they get, and these points are counted at the end of the…


Boys’ Golf Team Is On Par

The SMHS boy’s golf team has been going to several matches over the past few weeks at various golf courses around the Bay Area. The team lost to Terra Nova at Sharp Park and to Hillsdale at Peninsula, but managed to snatch two wins from Capuchino and Terra Nova at Green Hills and Poplar Creek respectively. During every match, the six SMHS golfers playing that day always line up their bags on the fringe of the course’s practice green. They then putt and warm up their swings for some time until the coaches call the players up. Each player then…

first official day of practice/conditioning

Track Conditioning

As spring approaches one of San Mateo’s most popular sports approaches. The first official week of track practice has ended and there have been about 30-40 people in total attendance. People are divided based on which events they participate in. The six categories of track and field athletes are long distance runners, sprinters, pole vaulters, throwers, jumpers and hurdlers. Long distance athletes typically run two laps to eight laps around the track. Sprinters run ¼ of a lap to one full lap in meets. Pole vaulters have three attempts at beating each height at meets. Throwers throw shot put, and…


JV Rules in LITTLE Little Big Game

San Mateo’s Junior Varsity football team beat Burlingame 14-7 at the annual LITTLE Little Big Game, a precursor to the Little Big Game held every year since 1927. Varsity didn’t fare as well at the LBG, where they lost 21-30 at an exciting and well-attended game Nov. 16. But JV’s win brings hope that we’ll be taking home the Paw again sometime in the next few years. Pictured here is defensive tackle Nilsson Vasquez, son of SMHS teacher Heather Vasquez, surrounded by his family, including his brother, sister, and grandparents and cousins who came up from Gilroy to watch the…