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Career Conversations: Gina Rodriguez -

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Mateo’s Pep Band -

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Bearcats at the Bayshore Clean-up -

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What’s Different -

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SMHS Students on Teen Pregnancy -

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Seniors vs. Freshman -

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Get soaked, stay stoked! Girl’s Water Polo Practice -

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The Girl’s Golf Season Kicks Off -

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Ms. Eckert: Chocolate Devotee -

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Mr. Rodriguez the Ice Cream Enthusiast -

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Ms. Wardell the Young Adult Librarian -

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Girl’s Tennis -

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Ms. Tanti -

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Splashing Into a New Season -

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Water Polo Jumps into the New Season -

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Peer Pressure -

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The Lady Bearcats Hit The Court -

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Lady Bearcats Bring The Action -

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Dr. Gina Lucy Rodriguez is a pediatrician in Redwood City with over 20 years of experience. She attended medical school in Guatemala and completed her residency and felloship at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.

Career Conversations: Gina Rodriguez

Oct 6, 2015

A Conversation with Gina Rodriguez How did you start your career as a pediatrician? In high school, I loved both physics and biology. I had a truly hard time deciding what I should study. But because I did not want to be in a lab all the time by myself, one of my teachers recommended that I become a doctor. I was so stunned by the idea. Even my dad looked at me like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ But I was like, ‘Yup, that’s what it’ll be.’ What did your path look like after high school? After majoring in biology,…


Seniors vs. Freshman

Sep 21, 2015

There are four grades here at San Mateo High, the Freshmen, Spohmores, the Juniors, and the Seniors.. As Principal Yvonne Shiu once said, “the seniors set the level of spirit but the freshmen maintain it.” So what’s it like being a freshmen or a senior? Following in the footsteps of the upperclassmen, freshmen are  vital in keeping San Mateo one of the most spirited schools in the area. Tejas Rao is a freshman who likes the school “I am a fan of the composting here” he said. He wants to join “the green team and the JV soccer team.” “The…


Ms. Eckert: Chocolate Devotee

Sep 21, 2015

Classroom: M111 Classes: Sophomore and Freshman English Favorite part about teaching: “I love the social interaction that comes with teaching, discussing literature and watching students grow as writers, readers and people. Teaching is also like being on stage all the time or performing all day which can both be really fun and tiring.” Goals for the year: “I want to get to know the students and faculty here and grow personally as a teacher. I also feel like this school has a strong sense of community and I’m really excited to experience that.” Chocolate or vanilla: “Chocolate, duh.”


San Mateo High School Pep Band

Mateo’s Pep Band

The San Mateo High School Pep Band fills the football field with musical spirit while the Varsity team plays against Gunn on September 4.

Shonna and some of the cheer girls at the first football game of the season.

What’s Different

  Watching cheer and dance team during our first rally of the year did you notice something different, was it the different uniforms, slightly different style of dancing? The cheer and dance team have adopted a very important new member, Shonna Chiles, formerly know as a Golden State Warriors cheerleader and dance enthusiast, she takes on the San Mateo High community as the new dance and cheer team coach. Being a guest choreographer at another school in our area Shonna remembered “watching San Mateo Dance and Cheer perform when the two schools played each other. San Mateo has a lot…


The Girl’s Golf Season Kicks Off

The Girl’s Golf Season Kicks Off By: Jackie Louie Nine determined girls walked on the golf course this year, an unstoppable team. Girl’s golf at San Mateo High has finally started, and this season is going to be a memorable one. The girl’s golf season began on August 19th and lasts until October 27th. The team requires no tryouts- to make the team you just need to attend a mandatory golf meeting and have excitement to play golf. This year’s team consists of nine girls, varying in age and personality. However, when they step on the golf course they share…


Girl’s Tennis

SMHS Girl’s Tennis By Maya Rijhwani The San Mateo High Girl’s Tennis Team is ready for war! Their tryouts were on August 14th  and they are prepared to compete! The Girl’s Tennis Team crushed the competition last year. They won the majority of their games with only a couple of losses. This year they hope to do even better than before. “Team bonding” is what tennis co-captain Ginny Yao likes best about playing tennis at SMHS. She is a senior and has been playing on the team for four years. Madeline Dennerline is a freshman, making it her first time…