March 31, 2015

Next Year’s Spirit Commissioners Get ‘Slimed’ -

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Senior Takeover Day – Slideshow -

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What is Renaissance? Meet the Squads -

Thursday, March 19, 2015

SMHS Dancers Dance to Uptown Funk -

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Bearcats Enjoy International Food at the Fair -

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Seniors Take Over -

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Say Yes to #TheDress -

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Career Conversations: Alan Eagle -

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Please Go to the Doc -

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Teachers Are Tagged -

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Bearcats Parade Through the City -

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Mateo Goes Healthy -

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Pros of Prom -

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Prom Group causing Unnecessary Stress for Girls -

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Late vs Early Start -

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Masquerade Ball A Big Success -

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Black is the New Orange -

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The Problem of Separating the Art from the Artist -

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Obama Proposes Free Jr College -

Thursday, February 19, 2015

  • Renaissance Leadership hosts a Meet the Squads meeting today at lunch.
    What is Renaissance? Meet the Squads

    Renaissance Leadership is a class for anyone who is interested in getting involved with the school and its various activities. It is different than Leadership in many ways, one of which is the fact that Renaissance Leadership allows everyone from incoming freshmen to seniors to join, as long as the interested students fill out an application. Additionally, Renaissance works more on closing the recognition gap that happens in schools. All of the students in the class work hard to make sure everyone on our campus feels welcomed and appreciated, including all staff and faculty members (staffulty). Renaissance Leadership works in…

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    Bearcats Enjoy International Food at the Fair

    Students try different food from all around the world at the various club booths in the International Food Fair on Friday, March 13. Some of the food served there included spam musubi and T-Pumps tea.

  • STD
    Seniors Take Over

    Seniors take over their teacher’s classes on March 16, 2015.


Alan Eagle has been a Director of Executive Communications at Google since 2007. In that role, he led speechwriting and other communication activities for several Google executives. He is also the co-author of the bestselling How Google Works.

Career Conversations: Alan Eagle

Mar 17, 2015

A Conversation with Alan Eagle What do you do as a Director of Executive Communications at Google? Google’s primary product is advertising, and I work with companies who buy advertisements on Google search or on Youtube. I am part of the sales team, and I often host customers in the Google Partner Plex to discuss marketing and business. What is your sales team selling to these customers? Typically, with your most important customers, you aren’t trying to convince them to buy ads. You are trying to understand their business and what they want. They want to sell a product, not…

Bearcats celebrate the end of the week with a dance in the quad.

Mateo Goes Healthy

Mar 10, 2015

San Mateo High School hosted its annual Health Week from Tuesday, February 17 to Friday, February 20, 2015. Students could be found participating in many different activities on campus, from sending their friends “cutie-grams” (cards with cuties attached to it) to buying some healthy food for lunch. Due to no school on Monday, the week kicked off on Tuesday with a Fitness Course in the Quad. Wednesday consisted of a Concert in the Quad. Students could be found exercising to some of the greatest music with Zumba on Thursday. To end the week, Friday consisted of a Healthy Food Faire,…


Let’s Indiegogo to New York

Feb 10, 2015

This year, the dance department will be taking a long awaited trip to the Big Apple, New York City. This trip is incredibly coveted by a majority of the dancers participating in the program, and although many want to attend the 5-day trip in February, some don’t have the funds necessary. Due to the many activities the attendees participate in (including viewing multiple Broadway shows, touring the city, and taking professional dance classes), the cost can amount to about $1,000 total, which is too expensive for many students. Robyn Tribuzi, the dance teacher, wants her students to have the opportunity…


first official day of practice/conditioning

Track Conditioning

As spring approaches one of San Mateo’s most popular sports approaches. The first official week of track practice has ended and there have been about 30-40 people in total attendance. People are divided based on which events they participate in. The six categories of track and field athletes are long distance runners, sprinters, pole vaulters, throwers, jumpers and hurdlers. Long distance athletes typically run two laps to eight laps around the track. Sprinters run ¼ of a lap to one full lap in meets. Pole vaulters have three attempts at beating each height at meets. Throwers throw shot put, and…


JV Rules in LITTLE Little Big Game

San Mateo’s Junior Varsity football team beat Burlingame 14-7 at the annual LITTLE Little Big Game, a precursor to the Little Big Game held every year since 1927. Varsity didn’t fare as well at the LBG, where they lost 21-30 at an exciting and well-attended game Nov. 16. But JV’s win brings hope that we’ll be taking home the Paw again sometime in the next few years. Pictured here is defensive tackle Nilsson Vasquez, son of SMHS teacher Heather Vasquez, surrounded by his family, including his brother, sister, and grandparents and cousins who came up from Gilroy to watch the…


Q&A With Coach Scheller

Q: How are you preparing for the Little Big Game? A: Right now, we’re in season, so every week is another week to prepare for Burlingame, but we have other opponents first. We prepare for them, and hopefully, that will make us better each week leading up to Burlingame. Q: Do you think you’re ready for the game? A: Yeah, I think we’re ready each week for the game. I think as we get closer to the Little Big Game, it starts getting a little bit more intense because of all the rivalry. Q: What do you think of Burlingame?…


Volleyball Jumps Into Action at the Net

  This year the volleyball teams are better than ever. Lets travel back to when the volleyball tryouts were and hear how they went. When asked how the tryouts were and their predictions for the season, Lexus Kato and Alexa Carreon, freshmen, on the JV team said, “The tryouts were very good. They pushed us to do our best and I think we will be very successful this season.” Isabella Mauricio, senior, who is on the Varsity team, was asked the same questions and she said, “ The tryouts were very good and I think we will have really good…